Green Fashion

Green Fashion

Green fashion can be classified in a couple of different ways. Many times, it involves clothing that is made of all natural, organic fibers. These fibers are farmed using practices that do not disrupt the fragile balance of the Earth’s ecosystem, and are not exposed to harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Another example of green fashion are products and clothing that are made out of recycled materials and that discourage adding yet more trash to the landfills clogging the planet. With green fashion, people can contribute to the many efforts in place to save the world in a very real and positive way.

What’s New In Green Fashion?

With so much attention being paid to protecting and saving the planet, it is not surprising at all that many clothing manufacturers are getting in on the act. Green fashion – once a rather obscure and unheard of phenomenon – is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. From clothing to shoes to jewelry, there are all sorts of different examples of green fashion that people can use in order to support efforts to save the world. As an alternative to many other types of clothing, green fashion is an excellent choice and is here to stay.

Rawganique in Green Fashion

Among the many different companies offering green fashion these days, Rawganique is one of the most recognized and popular.

Rawganique offers a broad array of clothing and other items that are made out of organic, all natural hemp. This hemp is grown in Europe and no chemicals or pesticides are used to grow it.

Rawganique has been providing green fashion – including men and women’s clothing, bags, footwear and many other products – since 2000. There is little doubt that Rawganique will continue to expand its already-impressive retinue with other types of green fashion made out of pure hemp.

Veja in Green Fashion

Veja is a green fashion company that makes a line of eco-friendly sneakers. The sneakers produced by Veja use organic cotton and natural latex in lieu of synthetic and chemically enhanced materials. The components that go into
Veja sneakers are not only pure and natural, but the way that they are farmed to produce this green fashion helps prevent deforestation and protect the health of the planet in general. By purchasing green fashion items like Veja sneakers, you can help send a message to clothing manufacturers that going green matters to you.

greenKarat in Green Fashion

There has been a great deal of press regarding the environmentally unfriendly practices of diamond and gold mining; also, these practices often include human rights issues as well. greenKarat is an interesting green fashion company that seeks to reduce our reliance on these questionable mining techniques by recycling gold to create brand new jewelry.

People who already wear other forms of green fashion – like clothes and shoes – are often quite enthusiastic about greenKarat’s offerings. Those who wish to implement green fashion on every possible level will find that greenKarat is an excellent alternative to traditional jewelry brands.