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Green Walls

Green Walls: Save The World at New Heights

An emerging new technology may have the potential to save the world: green walls. Imagine a skyscraper, towering 80 stories into the air, its walls covered with plants, flowers, and shrubs, and you have imagined the exciting potential of green walls to save the world. These eye-catching walls provide numerous environmental benefits, both to the buildings themselves and the climate as a whole. With a growing population and an environment in need of help, green walls may be what we need to save the world.

What exactly are green walls?

Originating in crowded cities like Hong Kong and Tokyo, green walls developed as a method to save the world from the poor air quality and other environmental issues associated with crowded cities. Usually made up of plant-filled panels, green walls may be attached to any existing structure. While any type of plant may be chosen, choices such as ferns directly impact the reduction of air pollution. Plants that combine beauty with purpose are favorites. Green walls are easy to maintain. Watering can be provided through the building’s plumbing system, and gardening chores, like weeding, are not required. The walls also provide natural cooling to the structure. The landscaping of green walls are meant to provide beauty as well as the potential benefit to save the world.

Green wall technology

Green wall technology comes from the concept of green roofs, another technology developed to save the world from environmental destruction. To construct green walls, aluminum panels are pre-filled with vegetation and then attached to the building’s existing frame. The panels contain most everything the plants need including irrigation systems and growing mediums. A variety of different plants may be used, adding to the beauty and environmental benefits of the walls, including flowers, shrubs, ferns, and edible plants.

How can green walls save the world?

Green walls may save the world in a time when the population is growing and cities are becoming more and more crowded. Beginning with the building itself, green walls provide insulation, helping cool the building naturally as well as retain heat during cold weather. The plants filter air particles, providing a natural reduction in air pollution.

Green walls absorb rainfall and release it slowly into stormwater systems as well as the atmosphere. Animals and insects may find a habitat in the walls, depending on the kinds of plants used. The overall effect of green walls is that of a microclimate, which helps to modify the entire city’s climate, with the long-term potential to save the world from climate destruction. Rather than harming the environment further, a building with green walls has the ability to save the world from environmental destruction, should the technology be used on a large scale.

Other green design breakthroughs: panels, roofs, and houses

In cities like Hong Kong, where most buildings are skyscrapers, it made sense to look to walls as beneficial alternatives or additions to green roofs because the walls of skyscrapers have more area to cover. Green roofs, however, offer a similar potential to save the world from environmental damage.

The panels that are used for green roofs and walls are portable and interchangeable, so there are many possibilities for this kind of technology on all different kinds of buildings. An entire house may be covered with green panels, providing homeowners with significant benefits. As a means to save the world as well as provide personal benefits, green houses will appeal to many homeowners.

Beautiful and environmentally sound, green walls just may save the world.

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