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November 18, 2009

5 Ways to Save The World

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November 3, 2009

Alaska Oil Drilling Approved

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Alaska Oil Drilling Approved

In news that has environmental activists very concerned, the United States Interior Department has approved Shell oil’s request to drill exploration wells in Alaska’s Beaufort Sea. Alaska oil drilling, of course, was a very hot button issue during the last presidential campaign.


Green Walls

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Green Walls: Save The World at New Heights

An emerging new technology may have the potential to save the world: green walls. Imagine a skyscraper, towering 80 stories into the air, its walls covered with plants, flowers, and shrubs, and you have imagined the exciting potential of green walls to save the world. These eye-catching walls provide numerous environmental benefits, both to the buildings themselves and the climate as a whole. With a growing population and an environment in need of help, green walls may be what we need to save the world. (more…)

Save The World Right Now

Save The World Right Now!

More and more people are becoming aware of the toll that civilization has taken – and continues to take – on the environment. As the Earth’s delicate ecosystems are exposed to the whims of human industry, many unfortunate phenomena are occurring. Before further, irreparable damages occur, people need to focus on ways to save the world. (more…)

Tips to Save The Environment

Tips to Save The Environment

Since so many people are looking for ways to save the environment, knowing a few important tips can be very helpful. It is surprising to find out how even small, seemingly insignificant changes can actually help save the environment.
What kinds of tips are especially useful? Being conscientious about not running the faucet unless absolutely necessary is one excellent example. Changing the light bulbs in your house from standard to fluorescent is another tip for helping to save the environment. Indeed, there are many little tips and tricks that, when implemented on a regular basis, can make a huge difference. Even just changing one or two regular habits can have an incredibly positive impact on working to save the environment and planet earth. (more…)

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