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November 3, 2009

Green Walls

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Green Walls: Save The World at New Heights

An emerging new technology may have the potential to save the world: green walls. Imagine a skyscraper, towering 80 stories into the air, its walls covered with plants, flowers, and shrubs, and you have imagined the exciting potential of green walls to save the world. These eye-catching walls provide numerous environmental benefits, both to the buildings themselves and the climate as a whole. With a growing population and an environment in need of help, green walls may be what we need to save the world. (more…)

Global Warming Truth

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Global Warming Truth

Since saving the planet is such an important topic in this day and age, learning about global warming is critical to understanding how Earth is being affected by humans. As pollutants continue to go up and become bottled up within the Earth’s atmosphere, global warming climbs up and up. Many scientists and other researchers are tracking the phenomenon diligently, trying to convince the public about its reality – and its dangers. (more…)

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